This July, AgroPages will publish its new issue of Latin America Focus business magazine. In this issue, we will present new products and technologies newly launched in the Latin American market by major agricultural companies. If your company is engaged in operations related to pesticides and crop nutrition, and has plans to launch new products and technologies in Latin America in the near future, you are welcome to take our survey.
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The Chinese government''s stringent approach of pollution control has imposed a big challenge for industrial production, having also attracted high degree of attention from international society. We welcome your comments.
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There is perhaps no better example of smart farming than with the mobile app. It has become a game changer for on-the-go growers and ag retailers, enabling them to perform critical tasks wherever and whenever they need it. From scouting fields and managing agronomic data, to flying drones and creating farm maps, there is virtually no job that a farming app can’t do.

To meet this growing demand, developers continue to launch apps that are useful, user friendly, and simple to use.

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As per the requirement of our readers, AgroPages is planning to dialogue with some medium sized agchem companies ’ to explore their path of business development.  If you have any question for them, please let us know.
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With the further proceeding of merger and acquisition in the global agrochemical industry, the divestment of non-primary business and cross-operational business will become a subject of industry consolidation, which will provide some of the enterprises with new opportunities of development and expansion.
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Chinese agchem company Sanonda(ChemChina''s agrochemical subsidiary) has recently announced to acquire ADAMA for $2.8 bn, followed by ChemChina’s acquisition of Syngenta.

The acquisition has attracted worldwide attention about its integrated mode and impacts on the global agchem market. Could you please share your viewpoints about this acquisition?

For acquisition details, pls check the following press release:
Adama becoming the only integrated Global-China crop protection company
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AgroPages has recently introduced the innovative formulation technology -  Allosperse delivery system of the Canada based company Vive Crop Protection, which improves the targeting and performance of pesticide active ingredients, as well as improving environmental impact. 

The information has attracted a lot of concern among the global readers. We are required to introduce more novel technology and application in this field, and we are now inviting your contribution. 

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Rice is one of the most popular planting crop in Southeast Asia. AgroPages‘ upcoming issue of business magazine will focus on the rice of this area, to explore the market potential for the agrochemicals. 
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We’d like to invite you to share your insights/viewpoints on below questions about this topics to help our 40,000 global readers to get better understanding of related products as well as technologies.

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The EU has recently issued/updated a series of policies/regulations, include:
- EU renewal for glyphosate
- EU release of new criteria on endocrine disruptors
- EU to update neonicotinoid assessments in early 2017
- EU import approvals for 3 new GM soybean
- Brexit
We’d like to invite you to share your insights/viewpoints on possible impact of these policies/ regulations on related industries.Click here
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