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China issues guideline for agricultural development
China's Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday published a guideline on achieving "zero discharge" of agricultural waste by 2030.... Read More
New Zealand EPA hearing on biocontrol agent
The New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) plans to hold a public hearing on June 10th for an application to release the honeysuckle stem-boring beetle Oberea shirahatai, as part of a biological contro... Read More
Farmers Edge obtained investment from Mitsui
Precision agriculture company Farmers Edge has obtained investment from Mitsui and Co. Ltd., an international trading and investment company.... Read More
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United States
Verdesian Life Sciences launches Take Off technology

U.S.-based Verdesian Life Sciences recently launched the latest technology Take Off®, which has been proven to protect farmers’ fertilizer investments...Read More

US:Research Shows Climate Change Suppresses Soybean Yields

Climate change cost American soybean farmers an estimated $11 billion in unrealized potential yield in the past two decades, according to a new study ...Read More

Beck’s Offers New Seed Treatment to Protect Against Sudden Death Syndrome

“For years, SDS has plagued fields in soybean markets, causing massive destruction and detrimental yield loss,” said Scott Beck, vice president at Bec...Read More

Top 10 exporters of pesticide products from China in 2014

In 2014, there 1.64 million tons of pesticides were exported from China to globe by more than 6000 exporters , value at 8.76 billion USD, respectively increase of 1.22% and 2.78% compare wi...Read More

Global Seeds Market 2015-2019

Seed is the most basic unit for cultivation of crops. It is a fertilized ripened ovule, capable of reproducing and developing into a plant. Seeds include cereals, pulses, vegetables, and fru...Read More

2014 China Pesticide Export Analysis by Country - Vietnam

According to the report “2014 China Pesticide Export Analysis by Country - Vietnam”. In 2014, there were 81.9 thousand tons of pesticides exported to Vietnam from China, value...Read More