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Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Co., Ltd. established in 2001, mainly focuses on  R&D, production and sales of agrochemicals of technicals, formulations and intermediates. The key products includes herbicide Tembotrione, Nicosulfuron, Tribenuron-methyl, Florasulam, Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, Carfentrazone and Pyroxasulfone (developing); fungicides Prothioconazole, Picoxystrobin and its related formulation products. The market covers more than 30 provinces in China, and around 30 multiple countries and regions like Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East area.  

JiuYi believes in “long-time hard working can make all things easier”, will continue to dedicated to serving the agriculture of China and even the world, and striving to support producing better food for all mankind.

  • Address:18F Zheshang Mansion, No.103 Scientific avenue, Hefei city, AnHui Provice, P.R.China.


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2023 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2023 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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Publication Date:Feb. 15, 2023

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