Seize the opportunity to showcase your nematicides and solutions in the magazine of 2018 Latin America Focus.

2018 Latin America Focus is about to be published this July. In this issue, there is a topic discussion on nematodes and solutions, which aims to help readers know the current situation and development trend of nematodes in this region and locate quality products/solutions.

The topic covers 2 sections: Insights on nematodes and solutions from key players/experts in this field; and nematicide product/solution showcase. If you’d like to display your nematicide product/solution, pls submit the following information to us.

  1. 1. What nematicide product/solution does your company have? Please describe it and its unique advantages.
  2. 2. Could you please recommend us some special nematicide products/solutions from other companies? Please provide the company’s name, and describe relevant products and unique advantages.
  3. 3. Could you leave your contact information for further communication? Your name, company name and email etc.
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