Survey: Top 10 M&A deals that influenced the agribusiness industry most in 2020

During a most challenging and unusual year, 2020, companies in the agribusiness industry did not stop their activity related to M&A deals. Companies with a keen business sense are always aware of potential acquisition targets that may be helpful to their business development and long-term growth.

Below are twenty M&A cases that concerned AgroPages readers the most in 2020. In this survey, you are invited to select the M&A deal or deals that, in your opinion, had a significant impact to the industry, and please explain the reasons. The results of the survey will be published later, and your points of view may be included in the article.

You can choose multiple options below or add new ones that you think are important but are not on the list. You can also click on the news headline to learn more details about these deals.
  1. 1. Agrochemical sector (in no particular order, the same below)
  2. 2. Agricultural biologicals sector
  3. 3. Crop nutrition sector
  4. 4. Seed & traits sector
  5. 5. How do you view the M&A deals made in 2020? Leave your comment please.
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