What kind of information do you need to help your business with China?

  1. 1. Please provide the product(s) name and quantites you are interested to buy from China
  2. 2. Regarding the product(s), what kind of information would you like to have from Agropages?
    • Main companies to have registered the product(s) with ICAMA
    • Main exporters of the product(s)
    • Exporting price
    • Exporting quantity
    • Exporting areas/countries
    • Other(Please specify)

  3. 3. Regarding the company, what kinds of information would you like to have from Agropages?
    • Detailed business profile of the company
    • Products pipelines of the company
    • Exporting area/countries of the company
    • Registration information
    • Available GLP dossiers
    • Other(Please specify)

  4. 4. Have you ever imported from China.
    • Yes, I usually do.
    • Only few times
    • No, we never
  5. 5. Do you need to register the product(s) in your country?
    • We usually need to.
    • We have had the registration.
    • No, we dont need to.
    • Other(Please specify)

  6. 6. How would you classify your company's business in your country?
    • Manufacture/Formulator
    • Distributor/Trader
    • Retailer/Dealer
    • Other(Please specify)

  7. 7. Please give us a brief introduction of your business profile
  8. 8. Please leave your contact information (Company Name,Contact,Email), our sourcing assistant will contact you shortly.