Chemical Identification
Common Name
polymeric zinc propylenebis(dithiocarbamate)
Molecular Formula
Molecular Structure

Multi-site contact activity

bananas, citrus, fruits, grapes, potatoes, rice, vegetables, olives
Disease Spectrum
Broad spectrum activity: Downy mildews like Phytophthora spp., Plasmopara spp., leaf spot diseases like Alternaria spp., Anthracnosis, Scab (Venturia spp.), side effect against Botrytis. Propineb has a positive complementary effect on plant health due to its zinc formula.
WG = Water dispersible granules
WP = Wettable powder
Hexaconazole +Propineb
Premix Parters: iprovalicarb,cymoxanil,fluopicolide
Physical Properties
Molecular weight:289.8 (theoretical monomer); Physical form:White powder, with a slight, characteristic smell. Density:1.813 g/ml (23 °C); Melting point:Decomposes above 150 °C; Vapour pressure:<1 mPa (20 °C); Partition coefficient(n-octanol and water):logP = -0.26 (PTU, main metabolite) (20 °C); Solubility:In water 0.01 g/l (20 °C). In toluene, hexane, dichloromethane <0.1 g/l.; in DMF + DMSO >200 g/l.; Stability:Stable when dry. Decomposed by moisture, and in acidic and alkaline media; DT50 (22 °C) ( est.) 1 d ( pH 4), c. 1 d ( pH 7), >2 d ( pH 9).
Oral:Acute oral LD50 for rats >5000 mg/ kg. Percutaneous:Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >5000 mg/kg. Not irritating to eyes and skin (rabbits). Inhalation: LC50 (4 h) for rats >0.7 mg/l air (aerosol). Phytotoxicity:Non-phytotoxic when used as recommended, also in young sensitive growing stages. ADI:( JMPR) 0.04 mg/ kg b.w. [1987]; (Novartis) 0.02 mg/ kg b.w.
Environmental Profile
Algae: ErC50 (96 h) 2.7 mg/l.Bees:Not toxic to bees; LD50 (oral; 70 WP, 70 WG) >100µg/bee.Birds: LD50 for Japanese quail >5000 mg/ kg.Daphnia: LC50 (48 h) 4.7 mg/l.Fish: LC50 (96 h) for rainbow trout 1.9, golden orfe 133 mg/l.Worms: LD50 (14 d) for 70 WP and 70 WG >1000µg/ kg dry substrate.Other beneficial spp.:Effects on non-target insects are unlikely; only predatory mites are sensitive. Under field conditions, only moderate effects were observed. 

Environmental fate: 
Animals:Elimination is quick; almost 91% is excreted within 48 h in the urine and faeces, and 7% with exhaled air.Soil:For behaviour in soil, see W. Mittelstaedt & F. Fuehr, Landwirtsch. Forsch., 1977, 30, 221. Degradation is very rapid. Propineb can be classified as not mobile in soils.Plant:Residues of the applied compound including its metabolite propylenethiourea (PTU) were found mainly on the plant surface. Only the metabolites propyleneurea and 4-methyl-imidazoline were taken up into the plant, in very small amounts. WATER SOLUBILITY: 0.01 g/l at 20° C
Transport Information
Signal Word:CAUTION; Hazard Class:III(Slightly hazardous)

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