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Matrine from Sophora herbal roots, stems, leaves and other fruit by ethanol made from organic solvent extraction, is the alkaloid matrine alkaloids generally, the main component of matrine, oxymatrine, Cassia fruit base, oxysophocarpine, sophoridine, in order to matrine, matrine in the highest oxidation. Matrine is a natural plant pesticides, pests when it comes to the drug, that is, nerve paralysis, followed by the parasite protein coagulation, parasites blocked pores, so that suffocate pests, the product of low toxicity to humans and animals, is the broad-spectrum insecticide agent, with stomach poisoning and contact action. Consistent with the direction of sustainable development of agriculture, currently 0.3% matrine matrine aqueous preparations, 0.8% matrine lactone agent, 1% solution of matrine, matrine solution 1.1%, 1.1% flavescens alkali powder, etc., these botanical agents have been applied in the fight against vegetables, fruit, tea, tobacco and other crops made good number of anti-pest effect. Piercing-sucking mouthparts of insects, vegetables, aphids, lepidopteran Pieris, tea caterpillar, diamondback moth, as well as tea leafhopper, whitefly and so has a good control effect. In addition to the vegetables and downy mildew, epidemic disease, anthrax also has a good control effect.Noteworthy development.

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