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Biobest is a worldwide authority in pollination and biological pest control for protected crops and is developing solutions for the open field.  As the first company ever to commercially supply bumblebees in 1987, we continue to lead the way in bumblebee pollination. We offer more bumblebee species to deal with pollination needs in various parts of the world than any other supplier.   We offer a wide range of hive types for every pollination need, including our patented Flying Doctors® hive. Natural pollination goes hand in hand with biological control of pests and diseases.   Our range of products  for biocontrol consists of a large number of beneficial insects, mites and nematodes. We also offer monitoring tools, pheromones and traps.  Use our biological solutions with our tailor-made technical advice: they make for a strong first line of defense in Integrated Pest Management.  Let’s work together for People, Planet and Profit.



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Lise Verachtert

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2024 Biologicals Special

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2024 Biologicals Special


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