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ISCA Technologies, Inc. (Riverside, CA) develops pest management tools and solutions for the planet.  
ISCA's tools and solutions are economical, effective and ecologically friendly. Its product range comprises more than 300 species specific insect lures (made with semiochemicals such as pheromones and natural attractants), insect traps, proprietary semiochemical controlled release technologies such as SPLAT (TM) (Specialized Pheromone & Lure Application Technology), and a range of novel pest management tools (such as bio-functionalized nano-sensors for the detection of plant and insect vectored pathogens). 
ISCA has a strong track record of developing, manufacturing and successfully commercializing solutions, resulting in yearly record revenue growth.  With ISCA’s outstanding chemical ecology, synthesis and analysis capabilities, it is the world’s sole commercial source for many difficult to synthesize insect pheromones.
ISCA's contribution to a better and safer world
Global losses caused by pests account for approximately 30-40% of potential food, fiber, and feed production worldwide, estimated to be US$300 billion annually.  ISCA has a strong commitment to reduce the staggering human suffering and economic losses caused by pests. Through a combination of volunteerism and financial contributions, ISCA and its employees support programs to improve health, the environment, its community, and R&D efforts of researchers, students, and academic institutions.

  • Address:1230 W. Spring St. Riverside, California 92507 United States of America




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2023 Biologicals Special

2023 Biologicals Special


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