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Shenzhen Bioglobal Agricultural Science Co., Ltd, originated from Brisbane, Australia and established operational facilities in Shenzhen China, is a pioneer and leader in the research and development of sex pheromone and kairomone based products and their applications. Bioglobal successfully launched mating disruption products 30 years ago and has been engaged in R&D and commercialization of kairomone based products for more than 20 years.
Bioglobal is creating, manufacturing and selling sex pheromone lures, mating disruption dispensers, various kinds of kairomone baits and provision of related technical services. Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative pests management solutions to protect our community, environment, food and wild life.
Sex Pheromone Lures
Spodoptera frugiperda SP Lure
Chilo suppressalis SP Lure
Spodoptera litura Fabricius SP Lure
Spodoptera exigua Hübner SP Lure
Helicoverpa armigera SP Lure
Mating Disruption Dispensers
OFM MD Dispenser (Oriental Fruit Moth)
CM MD Dispenser (Codling Moth)
Kairomone Baits
BioAttract-Heli (Heliothis)
BioAttract-RLF (Rice Leaffolder)
BioAttract-RSB (Rice Stem Borer)
BioAttract-FAW (Fall Armyworm)
BioAttract-FF (Fruit Flies)



Su Min

Su Min

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Lilian Wang (Ms.)

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2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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