Shaoxing East Lake High-tech Co., Ltd. Established in 1989 . adhering to “walking ten thousand miles with every step and establishing hundred year career with integrated wisdom”, improves itself, introduces external technology and focuses on the manufacturing and service of plant growth regulator and related products based on the operating policy of serving customers, green safety and quality efficiency. The company, depending on the technical support from industrial authoritative experts, institutions of higher learning, research institutes and transnational corporations, makes breakthrough in the traditional industry upgrading with main performance such as:

1 American invention patent, 8 Chinese invention patents, 4 scientific achievements in Zhejiang Province and 8 technical achievements appraisal in Zhejiang Province;

The “Clean Production and Key Common Technology Development Project of Plant Growth Regulator Ethephon and Other Products” was awarded the Second Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Scientific Progress Award in 2012;

Participation in the formulation of national standards of ethephon active compound and water aqua;

Certified as national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang Provincial agricultural technology enterprise, provincial standard innovation enterprise, provincial plant growth regulator scientific research center, national pesticide production designated enterprise and other titles by national ministries and commissions and Zhejiang provincial competent authorities at all levels.

The company produces ethephon active compound and water aqua, cycocel active compound and water aqua, prochloraz active compound, cymoxanil active compound, high-purity hydrogen chloride gas and refined by-products of above-mentioned products. Therein, in terms of ethephon and cycocel, the company is one of largest domestic production bases with global leading technical quality, and its products are exported to Europe in 20 consecutive years and cover more than 10 provinces and autonomous regions like Xinjiang in China;

With the rapid development of agricultural production, intensive cultivation, economic crops, introduction and mass planting of fruit and vegetables, requirements on high production and stable production of grain crops like barley and wheat, and application of plant growth regulator with low toxicity and high efficiency are bound to become one of significant countermeasures of modern agriculture. East Lake High-tech would advance with the time, make full use of comprehensive advantages including green manufacturing technology, green manufacturing procedure and green manufacturing resources environment of the company and make contributions to the green agricultural career.


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2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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