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BioWorks provides environmentally responsible, safe and effective products and tailored programs for managing plant diseases, pests, nutrition and health.  For more than 20 years BioWorks has been helping our customers in the horticulture, agriculture and turf markets develop effective and efficient custom programs using products that are safe and proven. We are continuously reinventing the way our customers work by providing biologically-based, integrated, safe solutions and programs.  Our RootShield® family of disease control products has been helping growers fight pathogens with a proven biological fungicide since 1995. Since then we have expanded into disease control (CEASE®, MilStop®), insect control (BotaniGard®, Molt-X®, SuffOil-X® and NemaShield®) and plant nutrition (Verdanta®, VitalSource®) and plant health (ON-Gard™) with products that remain true to our purpose of providing a safer environment.  Our team of experts, located throughout North America and the BioWorks headquarters in New York State, are ready to help growers and managers in the horticulture, agriculture and turf markets create specific programs to meet their unique needs.



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2021 Biologicals Special


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