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Novozymes is a global biotechnology company headquartered in Bagsværd outside of Copenhagen, Denmark employing approximately 6,500 people by the end of 2014. The company has operations in a number of countries around the world, including China, India, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Novozymes is a biotech company with a strong focus on enzyme production. It is committed to changing the very foundations of its industrial system for the better by using industrial biotechnology.  Novozymes microbial biocontrol solutions provide powerful protection against insects, disease, and weed pests. Its bioyield enhancers improve yields. The BioAg Alliance is a long-term partnership between Novozymes and Monsanto that strives to increase the productivity of the world’s crops. The alliance is dedicated to fundamentally enhancing research and development of microbial-based technology. Along with its portfolio of seed treatments and biocontrol products developed with Monsanto, it offers biological insecticides for control of pests.



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Zhu Xiaoqing / Mars Xiaoqing Zhu

Zhu Xiaoqing / Mars Xiaoqing Zhu

BioAg Business Development Manager China
Tel: +86 106 298 7888 x362 +8613801240590(Mobile)

Rob Velthuis

Rob Velthuis

General Manager
Tel: 0428 518852

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2022 Biologicals Special


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