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The company is working in the international market of crop and plant nutrition. Micromix Plant Health Limited is a specialist in biostimulants, seaweed extracts, soluble powder and liquid micronutrients.  Micromix was established in 1987 by Directors who have more than 25 years experience within the industry both in production and agronomy. Concentrating on micronutrients and foliar applied fertilisers, they now supply a significant percentage of the UK micronutrient market with a range of fully formulated products. Recent developments have seen an increase in overseas activity, with exports to a number of countries throughout Europe, N. Africa, the Middle and Far East. Most of the UK and export sales are produced on a toll formulation basis or are branded for third parties. Only a small percentage carries an Micromix label and it is anticipated that this status quo remains. Located centrally in Nottinghamshire, the flexible manufacturing plant has seen a doubling in production floor space during 1996 and the site now extends to 3 acres.Whilst manufacture of foliar applied nutrients constitutes the majority of the business, a diverse range of automotive, home garden and third party agricultural surfactants are also produced. Also a range of products suitable for the amenity horticultural and sports turf market can be offered.



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Wilson Boardman

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Tel: +44 (0) 1949 898001

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