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Zhejiang Jinfanda Biochemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, with registered capital of 90 million Chinese RMB, which was restructured from Hangzhou Jinfanda Chemical Co., Ltd (Founded in December 1999). Jinfanda is a group company mainly specialized in manufacturing all kinds of Glyphosate Herbicide products. As the leading enterprise in the China pesticide industry, Jinfanda is the largest producer of Glyphosate Tech and formulation products in China, and it is also one of the largest supplier of various Glyphosate formulations worldwide. The company was awarded numerous honors from the Chinese Government, such as China's TOP 500 Private Enterprise, TOP 100 Sino-Chinese Joint Ventures of Zhejiang Province, TOP 100 of Hangzhou City, and the TOP 3 Selling Company in the China Pesticide Industry. Jinfanda has been awarded as the National High-Tech Enterprises in China, with many patented core-technology in Glyphosate production.  Jinfanda is dedicated to "producing top quality products, offering first rate services to our clients, dedicating to the green agriculture, and achieving the optimum returns",We are striving to establish the modern enterprise management system to support continous innovation, and to realize sustainable, rapid an steady development of the company.

  • Address:22 Floor, Tower B, New Youth Plaza, No. 205 Yingchun Rd. S, Tonglu, Zhejiang, China
  • Website:www.jinfanda.com


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