YONONG is the top 25 biggest agrochemical company in China. And YONON is the world’s first generic company to develop and produce Glufosinate-ammonium. Through more than a decade effort, the company now has 5000MT annual production capability for Glufosinate-ammonium tech and has become the world leading Glufosinate-ammonium provider.   

YONON constantly invests in pesticide registration to comply with regulatory requirements in developed markets and emerging markets. YONON supports clients with high quality data and expertise for registration in Canada, USA, Brazil, EU and other countries. The company also makes own registrations in Brazil, EU, Australia and Taiwan. One of the key products Picloram technical was approved by Brazilian authorities in 2011 as the first registrant from China mainland.                



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Jack Wang

Jack Wang

Deputy General Manager
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