Biolchim is leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty fertilizers designed to optimize crop production and performance in every agronomic context. With more than 40 years of experience and the close collaboration with universities and research centres, Biolchim has developed a complete product portfolio of the highest quality based on actual market requirements.  Based in Italy, where the production lines and extraction units are located, Biolchim has seven global subsidiaries strategically located in Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, Canada and China, and three representative offices in Russia, Turkey, and Colombia, through which it builds close partnerships with local distributors and provides continuous technical and sales support on the territory. In more than 50 other countries, Biolchim operates through commercial partnerships and capillary networks of importers and distributors.   The Biolchim Group includes CIFO, an Italian manufacturer of specialty fertilizers for professional agriculture and Home & Garden, West Coast Marine Bio Processing, specialized in seaweed products of the highest quality, and Matécsa Kft., one of the largest potting soil manufacturer in Hungary. In 2017, the Italian ILSA SpA, a company with a long-standing tradition in the production of biostimulants, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, became part of the Group.

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Marco Civitareale

Marco Civitareale


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2023 Biologicals Special

2023 Biologicals Special


Language: English

Publication Date:Jul. 31, 2023

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