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LEVACO Chemicals GmbH has its headquarters and production site in the Chempark Leverkusen, Germany and can look back on more than 50 years of world-wide experience in various segments, especially in the field of agro-chemicals. 

For the agricultural industry we developed special tailor-made chemical additives and keep on investing in research to correspond to actual challenges with innovative products. Our product range includes suspension concentrates, soluble concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates, oil dispersions, suspo emulsions, wettable powders, water dispers, as well as agrochemical wetting agents and tank mix adjuvants. Tank mixes are facing challenges like the chemical nature of the mixture, difficulties with the technical spray process or unfavorable climatic conditions.  

Our adjuvants optimize the performance of the tank mix since they are able to ease the application and to increase the effectiveness of the spray process as well as the bioefficacy of the active ingredients. 

Therefore - using adjuvants such as LUCROP®  is economically and environmentally beneficial.

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Mahmoud Elgammal

Mahmoud Elgammal

Manager Agro Solutions
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2022 Seed Treatment Special

2022 Seed Treatment Special


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Publication Date:Jun. 30, 2022

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