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East-West Seed is the market leader for tropical vegetable seeds. Blending Dutch seed technology with tropical vegetable farming, East-West Seed uses modern plant breeding to develop varieties adapted to specific growing conditions and markets. Over the last three decades, the company has developed through strong R&D capabilities combined with a carefully cultivated relationship with local farmers.  East-West Seed has taken a significant role in revolutionizing the tropical vegetable seed market by consistently developing varieties with higher yield, disease resistance, uniformity, adaptability, and excellent marketable qualities. Working primarily in developing economies, it is also active in extension activities promoting the adoption of improved seed alongside the use of better farm management practices.  The company holds leading market positions in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka and expanding business activities in India, Vietnam, China, Latin and South America, and Africa. East-West Seed varieties are planted in the fields of 30 million farmers worldwide. Based in Asia, the company employs more than 4,000 staff and has 12 R&D stations in 7 countries.



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Francine Sayoc

Francine Sayoc

Group Communication Manager
Tel: +66 2 8317708 +66 2 8317708(Mobile)

Maaike Groot

Maaike Groot

Company Representative for Europe
+31 (0)629 087367(Mobile)

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2023 Seed Treatment Special

2023 Seed Treatment Special


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