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Inhance Technologies specializes in providing barrier packaging to most of the global agricultural chemical OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

1. Offerings
•Surface modifications
•Barrier technology
•Performance additives

2. Industries
Automotive,Construction,Consumer, Healthcare, Industrial, Transportation, Fuel system, Packaging

3. Technology
We make the seemingly impossible possible. Our unique, proven technologies transform conventional plastics into high-performance materials. You get the best of both worlds: the flexibility and low cost of commodity plastics and the performance that you’d expect from premium materials.

4. Applications
If it's made with plastic, we can help you make it even better. Come to us with your most challenging problems. Working together, we'll create the perfect solution -- one that will help you take advantage of new business opportunities.

5. Responsibility
From environmental stewardship to business ethics, from our obsessive attention to detail and workplace safety to the peace of mind we deliver to our customers, responsibility is the foundation of everything we do.

6. Company
At Inhance Technologies, we know that success begins with communication and collaboration. Our team of scientists and engineers works with product designers, engineers, and brand managers to create innovative solutions that improve product performance and deliver exceptional results.



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