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The company started as a distributor of organic fertilizer in 2007, in Curitiba, Paraná. Then working in partnership with industries producing these inputs.

In 2010, with expansion of its market, acquired the industrial plant of multinational branch of pesticides in the city of Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul.

Thus it became also a producer of agricultural inputs with the largest structure for the production of microbiological country inputs.

Symbiosis currently produces and sells 60 Biological Fertilizer (inoculants).

The Symbiosis has signed numerous agreements with renowned research institutions in order to develop and constantly seek to improve products.

Symbiosis of the products are made the basis of fungi and bacteria - native microorganisms from Brazilian soil with action proven by numerous technical and scientific studies that, once applied during cultivation of crops, enable the better development of the plant and biological control of pathogens .



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