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Agricore Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.(A.C.I) is a professional agrochemical product manufacturer and exporter, which was founded in 2012.  A.C.I has an professional technician agronomist team, sales team and two production divisions. After many years development under the endeavors of our sales team and R&D team, A.C.I has integrated production, R&D, domestic market and international trade together. Now A.C.I is a fast developing and reputable local company andour agrochemicals (inc. Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides) have been widely sold to more than 50 countries/regions.


A.C.I enjoys high reputation because of the superior quality with competitive price and sound service .Good technical experts ,advanced cooperated R&D center, and strict quality control are strong backup and guarantee. All these effort makes us can better serve customers and support the agriculture with complete crop protection solution.

Pesticide Technical

Abamectin 95% TC
Diazinon 95% TC
Chlorothalonil 98.5% TC
Fipronil 95% TC
Fenpyroximate 97% TC
Acetochlor 95% TC
Penconazole 97% TC
Tebuconazole 97% TC
Hexythiazox 98% TC
Carbendazim 98% TC

Pesticide Formulation

Glyphosate IPA 41% SL
2,4-D 72%SL
Paraquat 20% SL
Atrazine 50% SC
Spirodiclofen 24% SC
Imidacloprid 35% SC
Nicosulfuron 4% OD
Mancozeb 80% WP
Chlorpyrifos 40.8% EC
Dimethoate 40% EC




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