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Ross Lifescience is a Contract Research Organization based at Pune, India. We help companies in Agrochemical industry, Household insecticide industry, Pharmaceutical industry and Food & Food products industry with laboratory testing of their products and data generation in Chemistry, Toxicology, Bio-efficacy, Residue Persistency and other studies as per their testing/registration requirements. We have received certifications and accreditations from various agencies as below


ISO 17025 (NABL)

CIB & RC (Indian Regulatory body)

SENASA (Argentina Regulatory body)

DSIR (Government of India)

We have an experience of more than 12 year. We have satisfactorily served more than 320 clients in more than 20 countries; our clientele includes Big Multinational companies to small & medium enterprises.

Services list: 

1.       Chemistry

    1. Phys-chem analysis
    2. ATR (Analytical Test Report)
    3. Identification and Quantification of Impurities
    4. Shelf life studies
    5. Chemical Equivalence

6.       5-Batch Analysis

2.       Agrochemical field trials

    1. Bio-effectiveness
    2. Phyto-toxicity
    3. Effect on parasites and predators
    4. Persistence in soil, water and plants
    5. Effect on physicochemical and biological properties of soil
    6. Effects on succeeding crops
  1. Residue Analysis
    1. Residues in soil
    2. Residues in plants

4.       Toxicological studies

1.       Six pack mammalian toxicological studies

2.       Ecotoxicological studies- Earthworm, fish, birds, algae, daphnia

5.       Packaging studies

    1. Container Content Compatibility
    2. Performance of container in Storage stability
    3. Transport worthiness test

6.       Food testing and Certification

1.       Fresh & thermally processed fruits and vegetables

2.       Dairy products and analogues

3.       Meat, fish and its products

4.       Oil, fats and related products

5.       Beverages and drinking water

  • Address:Plot No. 96, Sector No. 10, PCNTDA Bhosari, Pune 411026, India


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