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BioTEPP Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company that produces environmentally friendly biopesticides thus reducing the spreading of chemical pesticides.
Licensed in Canada and the United States, its flagship product, VIROSOFT CP4 , is designed to eradicate insect pests of crops while being harmless to humans and pollinating or other beneficial insects.  VIROSOFT CP4  can be applied to apple trees, where it effectively fights the codling moth larva (also known as apple worm) as it does on pear, plum, peach, as well as nut trees (almonds, cashew nuts or walnuts).
Through its research and development program, BioTEPP is developing new biopesticides based on baculovirus (insect-specific viruses). They can be applied to other fruit trees or vegetables by attacking, among others, the cabbageworm and a caterpillar that causes significant damage to crops of corn, millet, sorghum or even cotton.
BioTEPP is one of the leading suppliers of apple growers in the states of Washington and Oregon, the largest apple producers in the United States.

  • Address:201, Mgr Bourget Lévis (Québec) G6V 6Z3 Canada


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