ROQUETTE “Improving well-being by offering the best of nature” A family-owned Group serving customers globally, Roquette is a leader in specialty food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients. The products and solutions developed by the Group deliver proven technological, nutritional and health benefits precisely tailored to the pharma, nutrition, food and selected industry markets. Roquette’s offer is produced from plant-based raw materials such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas. Since its foundation over 80 years ago, the Group’s growth has been based on innovation, a passion for the job and a commitment to achieve. Roquette operates in over 100 countries, has a turnover of around 3.3 billion euros and currently employs more than 8,000 people worldwide. Specialties Food Nutrition Health, Plant-Based Chemistry, Human Food & Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Pharmacy, Paper & Cardboard, Chemistry & Bioindustry, Performance Plastics, Starches, Sugars, Polyols, Proteins, Fibers, and Lipids.

ROQUETTE's mission in plant care is to offer plant-based ingredients for our customers to develop innovative solutions for plant nutrition and plant protection, for farmers and gardeners. We also offer our support to codevelop formulations.
Thanks to our plant science expertise, we are able to offer efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for your innovation in plant care. Our wide range of products derived from maize, wheat, potato and pea leads to a variety of applications.

Roquette, a global leader in the manufacture of plant-based ingredients, has also developed a range of solutions for plant nutrition and crop protection formulations that includes a portfolio of products for seed treatment.



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Joséphine LA FONTA

Joséphine LA FONTA

Global Market Manager Bio-Industry & Plant Care

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2024 Biologicals Special

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2024 Biologicals Special


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