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Micropep is a spin-off company from the L.R.S.V. Laboratory in Toulouse (France) which develops a new category of environmental-friendly bio-stimulant and bio-pesticides solutions for a cleaner agriculture. Their products are based on a new groundbreaking technology using very specific natural micro-peptides that can temporarily increase plant's microRNA expression, thus improving plant's yields and resistance to biotic or abiotic stresses. This technology is based on scientific discoveries made at L.R.S.V.  Micropep uses the naturally-evolved actions of small peptides, usually 10 to 20 amino acids long, directly applied to plant cells. These peptides transiently regulate the expression of microRNAs that, in turn, orchestrate the expression of plant physiology master-genes. Potential applications include improving the soil/plant interactions, yield improvement and weed management. It has the potential to become a key element of the toolbox available to breeders and farmers to improve plant performance with minimal environmental footprint.



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