BIOREG is a professional consultancy registered in HongKong and founded by top global experts on regulatory, technology, commerce and management, which specializes in crop protection marketing solving worldwidely. 

Main services:

[Product Data Chain]

- Market Research: Target market analysis, Feasibility study, Import and export data

- R&D Support: Patents, Technology and Engineering, Environmental and Safety Assessment, Production Permit

- Product Standards: Level of Company, Group, Industry, Nation and FAO/WHO

- Control System: QC, EHS 

[Registration Agency]

- Global Planning and Consultancy Services: Market Selection, Regulation Analysis, Approach strategy, Risk Aversion

- Registration Operation and Agent: China, Europe, North America, Oceania, Latin America, Southeast Asia

- Experiment Arrangement and Supervision: Quality test, Total analysis(5-Batch), Phys-chem test, Stability test, Residue studies, Efficacy evaluation, Toxicology(Acute, Subchronic, Chronic, Genetic), Environmental fate & Eco-toxicity, QSAR

- Data Review and Risk Assessment

[Laboratories’ Union]

- The Evaluation and Planning of Test Facilities: Resources, Fields, Qualification, Opportunity, Business model

- Laboratory Construction on Hardware: Site, Surroundings, Instruments, Consumables, Waste disposal

- Laboratory Construction on Software: Management system, Personnel training, Method development, Computerization

- Qualification and Certification: (OECD)GLP, CNAS, CMA, China Pesticide Registration Test Unit


- Operational Trusteeship: Outsourcing of quality assurance or Business development




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Tel: +86 400 180 1980

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2022 China Pesticide Industry Watch

2022 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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Publication Date:Feb. 15, 2022

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