Accurate Space Technology.
StarkSat brings accurate space technology to your web browser. We take the complexity out of the images acquisition and processing for you to have a light service, search engine style, on your screen. No need for servers or big memory costs and etc. We deliver the information you need about anywhere in the world with your basic subscription. A fair resolution of 10x10m for each pixel in our Agro-Eye Basic service, allows you to see how your crop is performing, how your irrigation and fertilization is being efficient through NDVI and other indexes.
Best of Breed Analytics.
Our systems provide you the best tools to analyze your area of interest in a snap. We can capture the temperature and moisture of your soil without the need of several and expensive sensors on the ground. Our service Agro-Sense is cloud-proof, one of the main problems in satellite measurements in farms nowadays. It means we can give you a full reading of your soil moisture or temperature so you can compare with historical data in our archives and make the best decisions for your crops.



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2023 Latin America Focus

2023 Latin America Focus


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