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Bioenergy LT is an innovative technology company that develops and produces biological products. With advanced production technology and scientific research, Bioenergy LT produces exclusive products for plants nutrition optimization and recovery of natural balance of the soil. The products help to find solutions in many other problems: water treatment, fat digestion, chemicals and oil decomposition, other industrial questions. Bioenergy LT meets the highest standards of quality, certified by ISO 9001:2008, FiBL. By production capacity, Bioenergy LT is leading company in Nordic region. The production is exported to 23 countries worldwide.
Why Bioenergy LT''s production technology is unique?
Most products which consists of bacteria have a short validity time and strict application rules. They cannot be mixed with pesticides, fertilizers or other bacterial products, as it may reduce effectiveness of products and bacteria. Bioenergy LT''s unique technology stops bacteria growth in spore stage, in which the bacteria become stable and resistant to adverse environmental factors. So the products can be adapted to usual fertilization plan and give higher economical effect.



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2021 Biologicals Special

2021 Biologicals Special


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