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 INBIOAR S.A. is a Startup dealing with the Agri Drug Discovery area. Since 2010, we are dedicated to the discovery of new active ingredients and products for agroindustry from plant natural compounds or extracts. 

We screen large areas collecting plant samples and soil to determine later in the lab the presence of herbicides. We first ask for the authorization of the Flora and Fauna State office to collect and study plant species. We later cultivate the species to produce the plant material.
We have developed a systematic process or method to search for, evaluate and select plant extracts with promising herbicidal activity. During 2010-2012, we collected 2400 samples. After a selection process, we found 27 aqueous extracts that were phytotoxic to different weeds.
From the best extracts, we purify the active molecules and, if possible, we file a patent to protect that discovery. Beside our effort to purify compounds, we found that very active plant extracts work very well by themselves as herbicides.
Over these years, we have accumulated a valuable expertise in research and technology transfer in the area of herbicides and bio-herbicides. 
This allows us to offer our services to local and global companies interested in innovation and development of new products for crop protection using the wild flora of their countries or regions.
Natural compounds many times are useful as leads for future work in the lab to produce more bioactive molecules. We have not develop this area yet, but we have in mind to do it the future.
We have learned where and when to collect the material. Interesting plants with herbicidal activity are not possible to find in all regions. The same plant species growing in different areas may produce different amount of inhibitors. We found out which particular characteristics must include a region to support a vegetation with higher chances to produce interesting plants to our project.
Apart from Argentina, we have detected many regions of interest to our project in USA, Paraguay, Uruguay, Perú, Mexico, Colombia, India and the Sub Sahara semi-desert region. We plan to establish joint ventures with companies in those countries to collect samples and produce “in house” the natural plant extracts.



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