Moon (Guangzhou) Biotech Co., Ltd., entitled as the National High-tech Enterprise, is an innovative biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of microbial products and solutions.
With a dedication to discover, preserve and identify new microbial resources, we have collected over 160,000 different functional strains in our Strain Library by using world leading microbial isolation and cultivation technologies. Based on in-depth microbiome research and data mining, the company provides well-selected microorganisms and their metabolites for a broad scope of urgent market needs, covering bio-medicine and biological agriculture. We strive to provide our customers with first-class microbial products and solutions.
Our core team is composed of a group of PhDs from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan University, University of Welzburg in Germany, Royal Academy of Sciences in the Netherlands, University of Queensland and other top universities at home and abroad as well as core R&D experts from multinational companies. Our members have independent R&D capability as well as rich industrial experience.
Harnessing Microbiome For a Better Future
· Our proprietary Culture-To-Product platform offers technical advantages from the exploitation of microbial resources to the high-throughput screening, application testing, formulation development and industrial production.
· At present, more than 160,000 strains have been collected, identified and preserved from agricultural soil, water, plants and the human body. Among them, over 9,000 are high-value strains, and more than 2,000 strains are new species not reported elsewhere in the world. The scale and depth of our microbial collection is increasing continuously and rapidly.
· Our proprietary technology, Eco-culturomics, allows us to efficiently isolate rare and new microbes otherwise unavailable through traditional isolating methods. By Eco-culturomics, we can recover 5-15 times more species than by conventional techniques.
· Biopharma+BioAg Strengths: strategic alliance with MNCs like FMC, Syngenta, also famous local manufacturer like Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical, a public listed company.
· More than 200 R&D staffs concentrating on the problem-solving products.
· Pioneer of microbial seed inoculant and microbial nematode preventer.
· Premier quality + cost effective + bountiful product portfolio. 
· China Top 50 Value Investing Enterprises. 
· Top 1 of 2020 BioAg Enterprises.
· Future AgriFood Top 100. 

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