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Nanjing Shineking Biotech Co., Ltd is Biotechnology Company located in Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley, Jiangsu, mainly involved in the development and production of biopolymers, such as poly-amino acids and sugar alcohols, etc. We are committed to utilizing biotechnology to provide the highest quality of polymer products and best service in the field of cosmetic, agriculture, food and pharmaceutics.      

Shineking branded poly-glutamic acid, jointly developed with Nanjing Tech University for over 10 years of efforts, initiative nationally and leading internationally, has been widely used in high-end cosmetics, agriculture, health care, water treatment, soil amelioration and other fields since having been large-scale commercialized in 2010. 

Our lab facilities are equipped with advanced instruments to fulfill the requirements and needs of product development and QC testing, such as Multi-functional Ion Implanter, HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, Continuous Chromatographic Instrument, Gel Permeation Chromatography and other separation and test equipment. For decades, obeying to “Designed Quality” concept, we have been investing extensively upon research and development to pursue excellence of product design and improvement. Strict quality standards have been developed to follow throughout production and release.

As a pioneer organization in National standard development for polyglutamic acid, we are always ready to share knowledge and experience, and work together with you to provide end customers with the best application experience.



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Bruce Wang

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