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Shanghai Nicex International Trading Co., Ltd. is the Holding enterprise of Ningxia Lamtin,relying on Ningxia Lamtin self-produced technical and Anhui Lamtin formulation processing advantages, supplying domestic and global customers with diversified product sales and technical services.Our HQ (Ningxia Lamtin) is the new technical  synthesis plant of  Oxadiazon TC in Ningxia Province,and the annual output 1000MT including the Oxadiazon 26%EC,annual output 600MT of Oxadiargyl TC and 1200MT of  Matamifop.Our formulation plant-Anhui Lamtin produces several types such as EC, SC,SL,EW,OD,WDG,WP,etc. Your inquiry will receive our prompt attention.




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Sasha Zhang

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