Fertiliser Consultants Network (FCN) Europe

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The Fertiliser Consultants Network has been created in response to the growing need of the companies, involved in plant nutrition, to expand their market and for the companies that do not yet have internal regulatory departments. For companies wishing to expand their business, FCN is able to provide assistance in almost all of Europe, North Africa, South America, Russia, India and China.

New regulations will apply in the European Union and in other important Countries and it needs to be prepared for new challenges in sectors such as Biostimulants, Agronomic Additives and, in general, Biologicals; more over the new EU regulation on Mutual Recognition has also come into force.

Highly specialised local experts with knowledge of both national and EU regulations can adequately assist companies wishing to take advantage of these new opportunities.

The FCN will also attend to the most important international events on plants nutrition and will organise advanced courses on regulatory issues.



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