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Verdant is a global specialty chemical company that supports human well-being through the power of science and nature. With a growing portfolio of sustainable solutions, the company is a leading provider of surfactants and specialty solutions for the personal care, home and hygiene, and industrial markets. Verdant’s international team of dedicated professionals are committed to quality, safety, and supply reliability. Verdant delivers best-in-class solutions while creating value for all stakeholders. The company’s headquarters are in Houston, Texas. Visit to learn more.

Verdant has a range of surfactants with excellent wetting, dispersion, emulsification and coupling properties that can be used to produce more effective and reliable formulations. Examples of Verdant (and now DeForest) ingredients used in this market are:
· DePHOS phosphate esters: Emusifiers, wetters and dispersants for a wide range of agrochemical formulations
·DeMULS emulsifiers: Excellent emulsifiers for use in both traditional emulsion concentrates and microemulsions
· Mackam and DeTROPE hydrotropes: Coupling agents to improve compatibility in the spray tank
· Mackamine amine oxides: Wetting agents used as a tank mix adjuvant
· Mackam and DeTAIN amphoteric surfactants: Wetting agents and stabilisers used as adjuvants in agrochemical formulations
· DeIONIC nonionics: Co-emulsifiers, low foam wetting agents and dispersing agents for use in a broad range of formulations.



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