Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was streamlined from a long line of Yuen‐Fa Chemical

Co., Ltd. commenced in 1961. Due to 60 years of presence in agrochemical world, as

well as high standards of quality and service, nowadays Pilarquim has become one of

the leaders in the agrochemical industry in China and is a reliable global supplier of

agrochemical products.

We are successfully promoting our crop protection products on six continents.

Pilarquim regional offices are located in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Kenya,

Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

Pilarquim has its own research and development centers, located in Huai'an, Jiangsu

Province and Fengxian District, Shanghai. Aside the conventional formulation types,

the major attention is focused on the new formulation types such as ZC, CS, DF, OD

and FS, which are more efficient. Besides, in order to achieve the broader control

spectrum, high efficacy and longer persistence, our new strategy strives to develop

the mixtures, combining different active ingredients with different mechanism and

mode of action. Several Pilarquim’s mixtures have already hitting the best-seller list of

top 20 in China.

In addition to advanced pesticides, Jass Biotech and Pilarcise Laboratory, two other

companies belong to Pilar Group, also provide other businesses. Jass Biotech is one

of the biggest suppliers of adjuvants for the production of pesticides on Chinese


  • Address:1500 Hang-Tang Road, Jin-Hui Town, Feng Xian District, Shanghai, CHINA
  • Website:www.pilarquim.com


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