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SHANGHAI YUELIAN is the Accredited National Designated Pesticide Manufacturer by National Agriculture Department and a member of CCPIA, owning two formulation production sites (Shanghai Yuelian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Yuelian Biotech Co., Ltd.) and one technical grades production site. (Shaanxi Yulin Chengtaiheng Biotech Co., Ltd.). The three sites are respectively located in Fengxian district, Shanghai, Jinshan district, Shanghai and Yulin city, Shaanxi. SHANGHAI YUELIAN is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, domestic and foreign sales.

SHANGHAI YUELIAN specializes in the production of pesticide, fungicide, herbicide and plant growth regulator, and strives building YUELIAN brand with top quality. Based on local market, SHANGHAI YUELIAN serves both domestic and international with the best quality agrochemical products and relevant technology.

SHAANXI YULIN CHENGTAIHENG is a technical fine chemical enterprise, with independent R&D system, complete set of technical grades registration certificates and complete industry chain structure. The upward extension and integrity of the project industry chain is superior to domestic and foreign competitors with great cost advantage and production continuity. At Present, there are two completed new green environmental protection and high value-added technical grade. One is acaricide (Etoxazole TC) and its intermediates, The another is fungicide (Cyazofamid TC) and its intermediates.

After years of continuous market channel expansion and market positioning, SHANGHAI YUELIAN occupies a dominant position in the market of acaricide, mainly on cash crops such as citrus, flowers and apples etc., and fungicide, mainly on cash crops such as potatoes, grapes and vegetables etc. 




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2021 China Pesticide Suppliers Guide


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