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Established at the end of 1998, Pacific Agriscience is dedicated to providing farmers and the agricultural chemical supply-chain with cost-effective generic pesticides and innovative specialty agricultural chemicals.  Over the years, Pacific Agriscience has served and dealt with pesticide importers and distributors as well as some major corporate farms from around the world.   Pacific Agriscience’s carefully selected network of generic pesticide manufacturers in both China and India has allowed them to meet their customers’ expectations consistently. And the portfolio of specialty agricultural chemical manufacturers that they work with have allowed them to offer their customers very unique and effective products that add value to their businesses.  Pacific Agriscience has been engaged in Mergers and Acquisition deals globally. They put together buyers and sellers of companies in the agchem industry. Their recent major success was getting InVivo of France to acquire a majority share of CCAB Agro of Brazil at the end of 2016. Their worldwide network of clients in the industry as well as an excellent understanding of the dynamics of the international supply chain enable them to effectively find the best fit for companies interested to acquire, divest or to merge with other companies.  In addition, Pacific Agriscience also offers a range of innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective household pesticide products to control pests such as mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and rats.



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