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Sulphur Mills Limited (SML), established in 1960 has been serving the global farming community since last 5 decades. Spanning over five continents, with presence in more than 80 countries, SML has established itself as a distinguished supplier of the most innovative crop protection and crop nutrition solutions globally. SML has its own subsidiaries across Europe, Latin America, Australia and Africa and expanding further into various geographies. Besides having the distinction of being equipped with the world''s largest WG capacities, our manufacturing set up is ably equipped to produce some of the most advanced formulations like CSs, EWs, SCs, ODs ZCs etc. Sulphur Mills has further expanded into manufacturing by investing in Technical Synthesis Plant. With the strong I/P, R&D, Manufacturing, Regulatory and Distribution strengths, SML has a vision to achieve Global Leadership in Sulphur & Specialized & I/P formulations.

  • Address:604/605, 349-Business Point, Western Express Highway, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400069, India


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MR. Bimal Shah

MR. Bimal Shah

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Pravin Barot

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