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Exwold have 5 manufacturing sites based in the UK and specialise in contract formulation & processing of Crop Protection products using granulation technologies. Specialising in the following:
Formulation of Herbicides & Plant Growth Regulators:
•    Low Pressure Extrusion of Water Dispersible Granules (WDGs) & Soluble Granules (SGs)
•    Pan Granulation
•    Roll Compaction
•    Impregnation and Coating of Granules
•    IPPC authorisation for formulation of Herbicide acids into metal salts in-situ
Formulation of Highly Active (SU) Herbicides in a dedicated facility using extrusion.
Formulation of Insecticides & Fungicides :
•    Extrusion of WDGs/ SGs
•    Impregnation and Coating of Granules
Support Facilities
We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & most recently ISO 45001 certificates. We also have Top-tier COMAH authorisation at the Brenda Road site where we handle & store incoming raw materials.
In addition, we have a fully equipped laboratory and pilot plant to assist with product scale-up.
Our expert Technical Management team have an innovative approach to finding solutions, which allows us to support new product introduction & add value to your products, making Exwold a strategic partner for our clients.



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