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Heranba Industries Limited is one of the leading agrochemical players in India. Success story of HERANBA finds its root in 1994, when technocrats, Mr. Sadashiv K Shetty & Mr. Raghuram K Shetty formed a company, with an objective of providing innovative products to farmers to maximise their farm output.  Heranba believes in fast sustainable growth based on a strong foundation of values and ethics; striving for continual improvement for providing value added solutions to the end customers.  Today, Heranba is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic pyrethroids and its intermediates in India, with a wide network in India as well as in the world market with a phenomenal growth rate year after year.

  • Address:101/102, Kachanganga, Factory Lane, New M. K. High School, Borivali (W), Mumbai - 400 092.
  • Website:http://www.heranba.com


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