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ANADIAG is one of the leading CROs in Europe and provides a wide range of services for the registration of existing or new Plant Protection Products. Our Group has a European structure with a worldwide business profile. With more than 25 years experience in the agricultural business market, 50 field trial stations all over Europe and in-house regulatory experts and laboratories: ANADIAG is the most reliable choice to lead your project to success!   YOUR PROJECT - OUR SERVICES  - Field Experimentation Services: We own one of the largest European GEP and GLP certified field networks which provides efficacy, residues and development trials for registration as well as marketing trials.  - Laboratory Services: We manage complex studies in analytical chemistry, physical measurements, environmental fate, residue analysis and methods development under GLP and other accepted industry test protocols.  - Regulatory Affairs and program handling: We are managing a regulatory group with excellent connections at EU and National level and can arrange the preparation and submission of your EU Annex II and Annex III dossiers as well as National applications, equivalence/specification dossiers.  YOUR PRODUCT REGISTRATION - OUR SUCCESS!

  • Address:Headquarters - 16 rue Ampère, F-67500 HAGUENAU (France)


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2024 CROs & CRAOs Manual

2024 CROs & CRAOs Manual


Language: English

Publication Date:May. 24, 2024

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