Shanghai Profirst focus on the production, development and application research of agricultural adjuvants, crop protection products, especially plant growth regulators, tank mix adjuvants or spray adjvuants, and in-can additives or surfactants for pesticides formulators. 

1.  PASS — Agricultural silicone surfactant, super-spreader for agrochemicals (5-batch anaysis and registration support); 

2.  PASS-LF — Agricultural silicone surfactant, super-spreader for agrochemicals, low foaming;

3.  Pro-DFM — Silicone defoamer and antifoam for water-based agrochemicals; 

4.  Pro-MSO — Methylated Soybean Oil based penetrant-sticker;

5.  Pro-MSO Plus — Combination of MSO and organosilicone as penetrant-spreader;

6.  Pro-Buffer — Water conditioner, reduce pH of spray solution to prevent pesticide degradation, handle with hard water to maximize the herbicide perfomance;

7.  Pro-THK — Thickening emulsifier for Abamectin EC; 

8.  Pro-APG — Alkyl Polyglucoside as wetting emulsififer for Glyphosate SL formulation; 

9.  Pro-SAP — Potassium based Super Absorbent Polymer for agriculture;

10. Pro-SoilWet — Soil wetting agent to increase the productivity of water-repellent soils or firm, dry earth;

11. EM-GLY series — Emulsifier for Glyphosate IPA/ammonium/DMA/potassium salt SL, thickening type is available;

12. EM-PRQ series — Emulsifier for Paraquat SL, thickening type is available;

13. EM-GLA series — Emulsifier for Glufosinate-ammonium SL, thickening type is available.

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