Tide Group (Tide) was established in 1994. The head office is located in 7/F Anno Domini Building, Tower South, 8 Qiushi Road, Hangzhou ( 310013), China. Tide specializes in manufacturing, marketing, registration and development of various crop protection products, including active ingredients and intermediate products.


Through foreign and domestic mergers and acquisitions in recent years, Tide now consists of Ningbo Tide Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang Tide Crop Science Co.,Ltd.. Tide is also a shareholder in Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co.,Ltd.. Tide also has a strong sales network overseas and has established several companies or offices, like Tide International USA, Inc.  and Chemstarr, LLC. in USA and VextaChem S.R.L, Tide Do Brasil Ltda, Prentiss Quimica Ltda. and Clove Agro Africa, Ltd. in other regions.


  • Address:7/F, Anno Domini Building, Tower South, 8 Qiushi Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Website:www.tide-china.com


Product name
Registration Country/Area


Year of registration
Mepiquat Chloride TC TC US 2023年
Ethephon 75% MUP TK US 2023年
Rimsulfuron 25% WDG WG US 2023年
Imidacloprid 480G/L SC SC US 2023年
Triadimefon 43% SC SC US 2023年
Triadimefon 50% WDG WG US 2023年
Tide Glufosinate ammonium 150G/L SL SL CA 2023年
Tide Clethodim 240G/L EC EC CA 2023年
Tide Mesotrione 480G/L SC SC CA 2023年
Paclobutrazol 250G/L SC SC MX 2023年
Dinotefuran TC TC MX 2023年
Hydrogen cyanamide 520G/L SL SL MX 2023年
Ethofumesate 500G/L SC SC UK 2023年
Triclopir 480G/L EC EC BR 2023年
Bifenthrin Technical TC BR 2023年
Imazethapyr TC TC BR 2023年
Prothioconazole TC TC BR 2023年
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2024 China Pesticide Industry Watch


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