Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. (NISSO)Japan Japan

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Nippon Soda is a Japanese chemical company whose products include chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Since expanding operations into the agrochemical field in the 1950s, Nippon Soda has provided a variety of agrochemical products that strive for effectiveness and safety. Released in 1981, its farm treatment herbicide NABU (sethoxydium) is registered in many countries worldwide. Furthermore, its fungicide TOPSIN-M has remained a long selling product since its release in 1971 and is widely used in the fields of fruits and vegetables.

In the fields of insecticides and acaricides, Nippon Soda aimed mainly at expansion in acaricides, and in 1995 it began sales of MOSPILAN, an insecticide which is highly effective against various pests and difficult to control pests and which is widely supported domestically and abroad. It aims to continue to focus on the development of products that combine effectiveness and safety, and to enlarge its distribution base network to expand sales in the global market.