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Chia Tai Co., Ltd. has been in the agricultural business since 1921. It consists of three main businesses: seed business, fertilizer business, and plant protection business. It adheres to product quality and integrity for its partners. It also focuses on research and product development, and select only high quality products from the world leading manufacturers for distribution. Chia Tai has become one of the leading agricultural companies in Thailand and continuously expands into the overseas market.
Chia Tai also supplies irrigation systems, greenhouses, and equipment as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it employs a large group of agronomists as its technical staff, who act as an extension service to transfer cultivation technology to regional farmers and entrepreneurs.

Chia Tai has a range of high-quality products that are distributed under the brands of Aeroplane and Home Garden seeds for professional farmers and home gardeners, Rabbit and Chor Fah fertilizer, and Chia Tai and Chor Fah Plant protection products.

  • Address:299-301 Songsawad Road, Samphanthawong District, Bangkok 10100, THAILAND


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2023 Seed Treatment Special

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2023 Seed Treatment Special


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