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Gavilon's history dates back to 1874 when Peavey Company built its first grain facility in Sioux City, Iowa. Plenty has changed since then. Today, Gavilon’s vast network of more than 140 grain locations across the U.S. which handle more than 350 million bushels of grain per year, makes it a strong and reliable partner for its producers.

Additionally, Gavilon's locations are strategically located on major rail and barge lines, allowing it to efficiently move your grain to the right customer and provide you with the best price. Gavilon has the in-house expertise and agronomy relationships to help you simplify the science of determining the correct nutrient usage per crop area. It is devoted to helping the fertilizer industry remain a vital solution to matching crop production with current and forecasted demand. Gavilon leverages its expertise in origination, storage and handling, transportation and logistics and risk management to get the best prices for its customers on a wide array of bulk fertilizer products. They include liquid fertilizers, nitrogen-based, potash fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer products: Nitrogen-based products: - Anhydrous ammonia - Ammonium sulfate - Calcium ammonium nitrate - Urea - UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) solutions - NPK compounds Phosphate-based products: - Diammonium phosphate - Monoammonium phosphate - Single superphosphate - Triple superphosphate - NPK compounds Potash-based products: - Muriate of potash - Sulphate of potash - NPK compounds