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Albaugh is a US-based post-patent defense company founded in 1979 by Dennis Albaugh. With an innovative and strategic vision of business, Albaugh has been expanding in the world and today it is present in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, China and Europe, besides the United States.

In Brazil, it has the capacity to produce in the Resende plant 10 thousand t / year of copper fungicides. Herbicide production is state-of-the-art, fully automated, with a capacity of 54 million liters / year of selective and non-selective herbicides.

With the launch of Albaugh Brasil in 2016, the company began to market in the country about 30 products. The company commercializes herbicides, acaricides, fungicides and insecticides for the main Brazilian crops, offering quality at a competitive price. Many of them are manufactured at their unit in Resende and others come from the company's factory located in Argentina. All the pesticides go through criteria of quality, certified in the most modern laboratories in Brazil.



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2023 Latin America Focus

2023 Latin America Focus


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