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As an industry leader, and with a broad portfolio of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and seed treatments, BASF helps farmers to increase productivity and quality of their crops in a sustainable way. By fostering a culture of innovation aligned with customer needs, its technologies aim to ensure that crops grow healthier, stronger and resistant to stressors such as heat or drought.  BASF also offers a number of intelligent solutions to pest problems in urban and rural areas. From products that protect termite constructs to mosquito nets that actually fight the spread of vector-borne diseases, it helps its clients maintain their homes, establishments that store or sell food and commerce in general, clean and pest-free.  BASF Brazil S.A., a Brazilian subsidiary of German chemical company BASF SE, started its operations in the country in 1958. The São Paulo-based company focuses on industrial processes, trade, imports and exports of chemical products, as well as execution and business representation of other firms. It has 10 producing plants along the Brazilian territory, including chemical products, paints and varnishes, and catalysts factories. The Guaratinguetá Chemical Complex has 11 units and more than 1,500 products serving different industries, making it the largest South American BASF unit, with a production capacity of 320,000t/y.

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